Connect citizens
to make your city awesome

A platform for municipalities for collecting and deploying ideas on improving your city.

  • Collect ideas on improving your city

    My City is a platform for sharing and discussing ideas on what can be improved in the city and how to make it happen.

  • Bridge the gap between government and citizens

    Implementing the platform provides a way for citizens to share their ideas with local authorities, businesses, and volunteers.

  • Inspire people to take action

    The platform lets users update the status of proposals, helping them feel engaged in the whole process of implementation.

  • Be happy

    Together you can achieve more. Start collaborating and make your city even better!

Join other cities

Participatory democracy is on the rise. Don’t miss the trend. Join other cities that are already using our platform:

Мурманск  Нижний Новгород

Key Features

  • Engaging UI

    We try to design the best experience possible to make the process of both exploring and sharing easy and fun. Pins won’t get lost on the crowded map and people can still quickly find the most popular ones.

  • Customizable

    You can customize the look and feel of the website—choose your own color theme, map designs, and a whole lot more.

  • Additional tools in admin panel

    The admin panel holds tons of extremely useful tools for analysing, processing and managing collected data so you won't have to do it yourself.

  • Steady development and regular updates

    We are improving our platform every day—it’s always a work-in-progress. You’ll receive notifications whenever a new update is available.

Take a look at My City in action

We’d better stop right here. Go ahead and experience the platform yourself. It's a demo so you can add your own markers, vote and do whatever you want to.

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